Monday, January 27, 2014

Meetings | General Education and Assessment 2014

General Education and Assessment:
Disruptions, Innovations, and Opportunities

Network for Academic Renewal Conference
February 27 — March 1, 2014
Portland, Oregon

Conference Overview
General Education and Assessment: Disruptions, Innovations, and Opportunities will examine how emerging disruptions in higher education are leading to positive opportunities for innovation in general education and assessment to improve the undergraduate experience for all students.

Questions to be addressed include: How can the increasing movement toward online learning lead to more effective uses of technology for all students with special emphasis on high-quality multi-modal learning for post-traditional and underserved students? How can higher education move from monitoring seat time as a measure of achievement to assessing outcomes as measures of success, particularly as new modes of learning are taking students out of seats and into communities?  How are institutions promoting collaboration across campus among faculty and other educational professionals to align quality improvement efforts, especially as campuses have grown more reliant on adjunct faculty and less reliant upon additional resources?

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