Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Digital Challenges Series - University at Buffalo


The UB Libraries, UB Information Technology, the Office of Educational Innovation and Assessment, Center of Excellence in Information Systems Assurance Research and Education and Student Life have partnered to start an annual “Digital Challenges” series. Three events will be offered during the 2014-15 academic year to raise awareness and provoke meaningful dialogue around current challenges of the Digital Age.

October 1, 2014: Your Digital Footprint

Exposing the 'meta' trail
Ubiquitous network connectivity and wide adoption of mobile devices have enormous potential to increase personal access to exciting new functionality and rapidly expanding social outreach. Yet these advancements continue to threaten our notion of personal privacy, amass huge repositories of federated data linked to our activities, and challenge our personal safety.
This event will explore the technological, ethical, legal and moral issues related to the “digital footprints” unwittingly left behind.

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