Sunday, September 28, 2014

EdTech Week, October 6 - 10 - Macmillan Higher Education

EdTech Week Oct 6-10
Macmillan Presents EdTech Week, October 6 - 10
Please join us for a set of FREE professional development webinars during the week
of October 6th to help you learn more about incorporating technology into your class. 
We have seven different educators from across the disciplines talking with us about 
how and why they use technology in their courses. 
  - *Integrating Writer's Help into the First Year Classroom: Four Methods* by
  Lonni Pearce, University of Colorado at Boulder - Monday, October 6 at
  1pm Eastern
  - *Use What Your Students Do Already: Optimizing Students' Tech Skills
  for Communicating* by Johndan Johnson-Eillola, Clarkson University, Monday,
  October 6 at 3pm Eastern
  - *The Economics of Online Education and the Future of Teaching* by Alex
  Tabarrok, George Mason University, Tuesday, October 7 at 12pm Eastern
  - *Assessment and Utilization of Noncognitives to Support Student
  Success and Retention* by Paul Gore of The University of Utah and Wade
  Leuwerke of Drake University, Thursday, October 9 at 2pm Eastern
  - *Maximizing and Managing LaunchPad: Optimizing the LaunchPad
  Experience for You and Your Students* by Toni Henderson, Langara
  College, Thursday, October 9 at 3pm Eastern
  - *Innovations in Assignment Design Using Technology* by Rob Lue,
  Harvard University, Friday, October 10 at 3pm Eastern

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