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Empire State College offers Coursera MOOCs : Registration Now Open | Innovations in Online Learning

Empire State College offers Coursera MOOCs : Registration Now Open

Empire State College (ESC) is offering its first ever Coursera MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as part of two projects funded last year by SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grants (IITG). Registration is now open at the Coursera site for both courses.
Graphic of a circle with an outer ring and two inner rings. The center ring says metaliterate learner, the next inner ring has the words metacognitve, cognitive, behavioral, and affective. The outer ring has the words participant, communicator, translator, author, teacher, collaborator, producer, publisher, and researcher.
The Metaliterate Learner Figure by Tom Mackey, Trudi Jacobson, and Roger Lipera
The first Coursera MOOC , “Metaliteracy: Empowering Yourself in a Connected World,”  launched yesterday, Feb. 2 and has more than 3200 registered participants.  The second, “iMOOC: Mastering American eLearning,” begins March 23 and will be open for enrollment until then, but already has 642 people signed up. Both MOOCs feature videos produced at the Empire State College TV studio with the support of John Hughes, director of media production and resources. In addition, the iMOOC (the“i” is for international) also includes a logo designed by the college’s Office of Community and Government Relations and learning materials prepared by ESC faculty.
Metaliteracy: Empowering Yourself in a Connected World” is the result of a collaboration between instructors from Empire State College and the University at Albany. Tom Mackey, Kathleen Stone, Michele Forte and Amy McQuigge, all from Empire State College, worked together with Trudi Jacobson, Kelsey O’Brien, Jenna Pitera and Allison Hosier of UAlbany. This MOOC is supported by another top-tier IITG project as well, “Designing Innovative Online Learning: Integrating a Coursera MOOC with Open SUNY Badging.” Stone, the Coursera manager for this course, explained that the MOOC employs open content developed by the team of instructors on metaliteracy-related topics including:
  • becoming a digital citizen
  • participating as a global contributor
  • creating and curating Information
  • empowered learning: from learner to teacher
The MOOC also features special guests. There is an interview with ESC alums Sandra Barkevich and Anita Di Cianni Brown in which they talk about packaging and sharing information in today’s social media environment. Ronnie Mather, Interim Dean at the Center for Distance Learning, explores questions about metacognitive reflection.  The course includes videos, animated vignettes and other multimedia resources, as well as open resource readings.
iMOOC: Mastering American eLearning” is a collaborative effort among Empire State College faculty and staff: Val Chukhlomin, Bidhan Chandra, Anant Deshpande, Jeannine Mercer, Lorette Pellettiere Calix, Dana Gliserman-Kopans, Amy Giaculli and Antonia Jokelova.  This project is supported by another top-tier SUNY IITG, “iMOOC: A Multiuser Platform for International Students to Navigate U.S.-style Virtual Learning Environments” .iMOOC is a competency-based, skill-building course intended to help non-U.S. students, first-generation immigrants and foreign-born professionals better understand and master American eLearning, as well as other U.S. virtual environments for college and career success. This course also makes use of open educational resources and ESC-developed videos. iMOOC will be piloted by ESC International Programs and SUNY New Paltz, as well as two international institutions, SUNY Korea and Irkutsk State University in Russia, for their on-campus students.

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