Friday, February 13, 2015

Regional Events

Spring 2015 ANNY Regional Event

Using Data for Decision Making: The Data-Informed Leader

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MARCH 9, 2015
10AM – 2PM

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As a leader of a program, department or division assessment means more than just doing a survey or gathering data. It means developing a mindset that includes using data to make decisions, guiding others on the kind of data that is helpful in decision-making and encouraging people to take risks, learn and enjoy assessment. This workshop provides those leading assessment efforts with an opportunity to develop their skill-sets beyond the basics. Through the lens of becoming a data-informed leader, the session provides concrete skills needed and ways to develop these skills in yourself and others.
Participants will begin by constructing a definition of being a data-informed leader in their particular context. From there, key elements of developing a culture of data-minded leadership within your unit or division will be shared. Best practice examples provide a platform for developing strategies for enhancing current efforts while further encouraging the use of data for decision making and organizational learning.

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